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Development And Evaluation Of Lipospheres Of Diclofenac Sodium

Author(s): M. C Gohel, Avani Amin

Lipospheres of diclofenac sodium were prepared by melt dispersion technique using triple pressed stearic acid. Free flowing lipospheres were obtained by congealing the microemulsion. The amount of water, Tween 20 (surfactant) and butyl alcohol (co- surfactant) were identified as the key variables affecting the formation of discrete spherical lipospheres. More than 70% of the isolated lipospheres were of the size range 180-250 µ. The amount of drug entrapped in the lipospheres was found to be dependent on the lipid to drug ratio and the drug loading was further increased by using caranuba wax coated particles of diclofenac sodium. The in vitro drug release study was conducted in phosphate buffer (pH 7.2). Dissolution of the entrapped drug was greatly retarded. The results of the F-statistics revealed that the drug was released by anomalous diffusion.


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