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Development and Evaluation of Microbial Degradation Dependent Compression Coated Secnidazole Tablets for Colonic Delivery

Author(s): BK Sridhar, A Srinatha, BB Zaman, H Ragunandan

The present paper describes development of a polysaccharide based compression coated tablets of secnidazole for colon delivery. Core tablet containing secnidazole was compression coated with various proportions of guar gum, xanthan gum and chitosan, either alone or in combinations. Drug release studies were performed in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) for 2 h followed by simulated intestinal fluid (SIF, pH 7.4) up to 24 h. Secnidazole release from the prepared formulations was dependent on the type and concentration of polymer used in the formulation. Tablets coating containing either guar gum or xanthan gum showed ~30-40% drug release in 8 h. Further, in vitro dissolution studies of selected formulations performed in the dissolution media with rat caecal contents showed 54.48±0.24 - 60.42±0.16% of drug release. Formulations with single polymer in coating layer were unsuitable for targeting secnidazole release to colon region. Combination of chitosan with guar gum or xanthan gum exhibited control over secnidazole release.

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