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Development And Evaluation Of Mucoadhesive films of Miconazole Nitrate

Author(s): Rinku Khurana, Alka Ahuja, Roop K Khar

The aim of the study was to develop and evaluate mucoadhesive films of miconazole nitrate for the treatment of oral candidosis. Films were prepared by casting procedure using various polymer combinations and were evaluatted for their in vitro bioadhesive performance and release characteristics. The in vitroadhesion time and release behaviour were found to be a function of the type of polymer used. The formulation containing Carbopol 934P and Hydroxy porpyl cellulose-M combination was found to give the best results. Placebo films prepared on aluminium foil showed adequate comfort, non-irritancy and taste compliance, etc. when tested on healthy human volunteers.


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