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Development and evaluation of pH-dependent micro beads for colon targeting

Author(s): MS Khan, BK Sridhar, A Srinatha
Department of Pharmaceutics, National College of Pharmacy, Shivamogga-577 201, India

Correspondence Address:
B K Sridhar Department of Pharmaceutics, National College of Pharmacy, Shivamogga-577 201 E-mail: [email protected]

The purpose of this research was to develop and evaluate multiparticulates of alginate and chitosan hydrogel beads exploiting pH sensitive property for colon-targeted delivery of theophylline. Alginate and chitosan beads were prepared by ionotropic gelation method followed by enteric coating with Eudragit S100. All formulations were evaluated for particle size, encapsulation efficiency, swellability and in vitro drug release. In vitro dissolution studies performed following pH progression method demonstrated that the drug release from coated beads depends on coat weights applied and pH of dissolution media. Mechanism of drug release was found to be swelling and erosion-dependent. The studies showed that formulated alginate and chitosan beads can be used effectively for the delivery of drug to colon and a coat weight of 20% weight gain was sufficient to impart an excellent gastro resistant property to the beads for effective release of drug at higher pH values.

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