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Development Of Pulsincap Drug Delivery Of Salbutamol Sulphate For Drug Targeting

Author(s): M. K Samanta, N. V Suresh, B Suresh

A Special dosage form called 'pulsincap' of salbutamol sulphate was developed to target the drug release in the colon. An empty gelatin capsule was coated with ethyl cellulose keeping the cap portion as such. A hydrogel plug made of gelatin was suitably coated with cellulose acetate phthalate in such away that it was fixed to the body under the cap. Eudragit microcapsules containing salbutamol sulphate were prepared by emulsion solvent evaporation method and were incorporated into this specialized capsule shell. This pulsincap system was evaluated for its physical nature, which showed a minimum change of 3.79% in the body weight and maximum swelling ratio (3.52) of hydrogel plug at intestinal pH. The in vitro dissolution results indicated that the onset of drug release was after 7 to 8 h of the experiment started and revealed its better sustaining efficacy over a period of 24 h. Thus, this pulsincap dosage form of salbutamol sulphate may be used for colon specific drug release. When administered in the evening, it may prevent nocturnal attacks of asthma and thereby may reduce the unexpected mortality rate.


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