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Dissolution of paracetamol crystallized in the presence of poly(vinyl acetate-co-maleic anhydride)

Author(s): DA Raval, DN Parikh, VM Patel

Copolymer of vinyl acetate and maleic anhydride, poly (vinyl acetate-co-maleic anhydride) was prepared by precipitation polymerization and characterized. Paracetamol was crystallized in presence of different concentrations of poly (vinyl acetate-co-maleic anhydride). Crystals were characterized by sieve analysis, solubility and dissolution study. Crystallization of paracetamol in presence of poly (vinyl acetate-co-maleic anhydride) caused a marked enhancement in its dissolution rate with increase in concentration of poly (vinyl acetate-co-maleic anhydride) in crystallization medium.

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