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Dissolution Studies On Pentoxifylline Sustained Release Tablets Influences Of Storage

Author(s): M Sripal Reddy, Y. S. R Krishniah, T Ram Rao, S Satyanarayana

Dissolution studies were carried out using the USP dissolution apparatus-I in the presence and absence of rat caecal contents and apparatus-II. The formulation taken for the analysis is Kinetal - 400 SR tablets, which contain 400mg of pentoxifylline, sampled at different storage periods (first month, first year, second year and last month of the shelf life). The studies indicates that there was no significant change (P>0.001) in dissolution pattern of the drug from, Kinetal-400 products on storage. USP dissolution apparatus-l showed quicker dissolution of products compared to apparatus-II. Adding rat caecal contents did not improve dissolution of products indicating that the tablet coating is unaffected by clonic bacterial enzymes.


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