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Diuretic Effects of Young Fruit Extracts of Bombax Ceiba L. in Rats

Author(s): SS Jalalpure, NB Gadge

The present study was aimed to investigate the diuretic effects of aqueous and crude ethanol extracts of Bombax ceiba L. fruits (family, Bombacaceae) using acute model in rats. A single individual dose of aqueous and ethanol extract of B. ceiba fruit (200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg, p.o., each), frusemide and hydrochlorothiazide, (25 mg/kg, p.o., each) as reference diuretic drugs, were administered orally to dehydrated rats. Control group rats were fed with normal saline (25 ml/kg, p.o.). All rats were caged in metabolic cages in pairs and their urine output was monitored at 5 and 24 h intervals. Both extracts significantly increased the urine output in higher doses. Although, the onset of this diuretic action was gradual (within 5 h), it lasted throughout the studied period (up to 24 h). Further, the intensity of diuresis induced by aqueous extract (400 mg/kg) in 5 h was almost similar to that of frusemide and hydrochlothiazide. Aqueous extract of B. ceiba fruit also caused marked increase in urinary Na+ and K+ levels. However, the routine urinalysis showed non-significant alterations in pH and specific gravity by either dose of crude extracts of B. ceiba fruits. These effects demonstrate possible diuretic actions of B. ceiba fruit extracts and support its folklore use in various urinary ailments. Further studies need to be done to characterize the active phytoconstituents from fruits.

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