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Effect Of Cyclodextrins Of The Stability Of New Antimalarial Compound N1-3'-Acetyl-4',5'-Dihydro-2' Furanyl-N4-(6-Methoxy,8-Quinolinyl)-1,4-Pentane Diamine#

Author(s): A. K Dwivedi, D Kulkarni, M Khanna, S Singh

The compound N1-3'-acetyl-4'5'-dihydro-2'-furanyl-N4-(6-methoxy, 8-quinolinyl)-1,4-pentane diamine [80/53] (I), an anti-relapse antimalarial compound, is now under phase II clinical trials. It was observed that the compound is less stable in acidic medium. Therefore, the present investigation was taken up to study the effect of b-and g-cyclodextrins on the stability of the above compound. The solution of I as well as its cyclodextrin complexes were prepared in acetate buffers of different pH. The order of reaction and degradation rate constant at 30�±2�° were computed by least square linear regression. The I : b cyclodextrin (1:2) complex showed the best stability of I.


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