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Effect of hydroxylpropyl-?-cyclodextrin on solubility of carvedilol

Author(s): BD Shewale, NP Sapkal, NA Raut, NJ Gaikwad, RA Fursule
H. R. Patel Women's Collage of Pharmacy, Karwand Naka (Shirpur)- 425 405, India

Correspondence Address:
B D Shewale H. R. Patel Women's Collage of Pharmacy, Karwand Naka (Shirpur)- 425 405 India E-mail: [email protected]

The present study was undertaken to examine the effect of pH and concentration of hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin on the solubility of carvedilol as it shows pH-dependent solubility. The equilibrium solubility of carvedilol in a series of solutions of varying pH (from 1.2 to 11) was determined and compared with the equilibrium solubility of carvedilol in the presence of 20% hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin at same pH values. It was observed that solubility of protonated form is more than neutral molecule. Hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin resulted in increased solubility at all the pH. But inclusion in the cavity of hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin might depend upon charge state of the molecule. So it can be concluded that solubility of carvedilol, can be increased either by the addition of hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin or by adding pH lowering agents. But both these methods if are to be used together, pH should be selected carefully.

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