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Effect of microRNA-515-5p on Biological Behavior of Colorectal Cancer Cells through Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase/ Protein Kinase B Signaling Pathway

Author(s): Wenyuan Zhang, Chongling Zhang, Bo Liu, Meiling Wang, Yongjing Yang and Shixin Liu*
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, Changchun, Jilin Province 130117, 1Jilin Province Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2Jilin Cancer Hospital, Changchun, Jilin Province 130012, China

Correspondence Address:
Shixin Liu, Jilin Cancer Hospital, hangchun130012,Jilin Province, China, E-mail:

This study aims to examine the impact and underlying mechanism of micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p on the biological behavior of colorectal cancer cells. The study conducted an experiment categorizing into control (blank), colorectal cancer, and micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p overexpression groups. Western blot, quantitative polymerase chain reaction techniques, cell counting kit-8, and Transwell methods were used to detect the growth and metastasis ability of the cells, the expression level of the related protein and messenger ribonucleic acid. The micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p messenger ribonucleic acid was found to be significantly reduced in colorectal cancer group cells compared to control group cells. The proliferation activity and migration number of the cells in micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p overexpression group were reduced compared to the colorectal cancer group cells. The first apoptosis signal, B-cell lymphoma 2-associated X protein, and first apoptosis signal ligand in the micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p overexpression group were higher compared to the colorectal cancer group, while the expression level of B-cell lymphoma 2 was lower compared to the colorectal cancer group. Protein kinase B, phosphoinositide 3-kinase, messenger ribonucleic acid and protein in the micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p overexpression group were reduced than the colorectal cancer group. The overexpression of micro ribonucleic acid-515-5p has been observed to exert inhibitory effects on proliferation, migration, and invasion of colorectal cancer cells, while induce apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells by inhibiting phosphoinositide 3-kinase/protein kinase B signaling pathway.

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