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Effect Of Permeation Enhancer And Lontophoresis On Permeation Of Atenolol From Transdermal Gels

Author(s): Shyamala Bhaskaran, Sree N Harsha

Transdermal free films of atenolol were made using sodium CMC as polymeric matrix and propylene glycol as the plasticizer. DMSO, PEG 400, Tween 20, Pluronic F127 and Brij 35 were used as permeation enhancers. The drug free films were evaluated for various mechanical properties. The drug diffusion studies were carried out using Keshary-Chein cell. A comparison of various permeation enhancers on permeation rate of atenolol was made. The effect of iontophoresis on permeation of atenolol was studied. lontophoresis increased the permeation rate of the drug to a greater extent compared to the permeation enhancers.


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