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Effect of processing variables on dissolution and solubility of piroxicam: Hydroxypropyl-? -cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

Author(s): RC Doijad, MM Kanakal, FV Manvi
Department Of Pharmaceutics, K.L.E.S's College of Pharmacy, Belgaum - 590 010, India

Correspondence Address:
R C Doijad Department Of Pharmaceutics, K.L.E.S's College of Pharmacy, Belgaum - 590 010 India E-mail:

Influence of processing variables on the solid-state of a model drug, piroxicam in cyclodextrin-based system and its effect on dissolution behavior of the drug was investigated in the present study. Binary systems containing piroxicam and hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin prepared by various processes, were characterized by FTIR, thermal stability, photo stability and dissolution studies. Hydroxypropyl-β -cyclodextrin enhanced the solubility of piroxicam and increased dissolution rates from the binary systems. The complex prepared by co-evaporation method was found to yield better dissolution rate and stability as characterized in present study over those of the complex prepared by other methods.

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