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Effect Of Solvent And Polymer Additives On Crystallization

Author(s): S Mallick

A particular crystalline form of a drug is important in the preformulation study of bulk lots for the development of dosage form. Suspension often destabilizes due to particle aggregation and particle growth during storage. Inhibition of crystal growth is possible by addition of polymer that resists the approach of the drug molecules from the solution to the crystal surface. Crystal habit of a particular material influences flowability and compression behaviour during formulation of solid dosage forms. It also has a great importance in suspension stability and dissolution rate that directly affect absorption and bioavailability. Changing crystallizing conditions, such as solvent change and polymer presence, may easily alter crystal habit. Characterization and evaluation of crystals are necessary for the assessment of the reproducibility of the dosage forms. Characterizations utilizing a variety of analytical techniques reveal that the forms are actually solvates or have different crystal habits or polymorphs or agglomerates.


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