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Effects Of Allylestrenol On Blood Lipids In Relation To Its Biological Activity

Author(s): A Saha, K Roy, DE Kakali, Chandana Sengupta

Allylestrenol (AE), a progesterone derivative, is used in replacement therapy as a contraceptive steroidal hormone. Considering the importance of its partition coefficient parameter (log P= 6.13), a significant contributor to its action mechanism, interaction of the drug with blood lipids and related fatty acid changes along with peroxidation phenomena have been investigated to explain its reported mode of action. From the present investigation, it was observed that lipid loss after incubation of whole blood with AE for varying periods of time was accompanied with significant changes in fatty acid composition. It was also found that AE caused a significant extent of lipid peroxidation. Ascorbic acid (AA), an antioxidant at equivalent human dose of 250 mg could significantly reduce AE-induced lipid peroxidation.


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