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Effects Of Ceftizoxime, Ceftriaxone And Acyclovir On Goat Whole Blood Phospholipids In Relation To Their Therapeutic Activities

Author(s): K Roy, A Saha, S Chakraborty, Chandana Sengupta

In vitro studies on effects of two cephalosporin antibacterials, ceftizoxime sodium (CZS) and ceftriaxone sodium (CTS), and one antiviral, acyclovir (AC), on goat whole blood phospholipids were carried out. Significant reduction in inorganic phosphorus content was found after 24 h of incubation, in cases of CZS and CTS with respect to the corresponding control samples. This finding suggests that CZS and CTS might have affinity for phospholipids and this may be correlated with their ability to penetrate through complex outer lipid envelop of gram-negative bacteria. The same may also be correlated well with their good penetration capacity into cerebrospinal fluid. On the other hand, AC treated samples did not show significant difference with the control Thus, AC may be devoid of phospholipid binding capacity.


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