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In vivo Immunomodulatory Potential of Aqueous Extract of Different parts of Terminalia catappa L.

Author(s): P. Venkatalakshmi* and P. Brindha1
PG and Research Department of Biochemistry, S. T. E. T. Women’s College, Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu; 1Centre for advanced research in Indian System of Medicine, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Correspondence Address:
P. Venkatalakshmi, PG and Research Department of Biochemistry, S. T. E. T. Women’s College, Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India, E-mail:

Modulation of immunity is the most sought therapeutic effect as many human ailments arise because of imbalance in immune mechanisms. In the current corona virus disease scenarios also, the role of immunity to combat the dreadful virus has been well emphasized. Hence the present study aims at evaluating the immunomodulatory potential of aqueous extract obtained from the different parts such as bark, fruit and wood of Terminalia catappa. Based on the results obtained in acute oral toxicity and dose fixation studies, medium dose (250 mg/kg body weight) of selected plant extracts were administered for 14 d to swiss albino mice to evaluate nonspecific (Neutrophil adhesion, Phagocytic index) and specific (Hemagglutination antibody titer, Delayed type hypersensitivity) immunomodulatory properties. The results obtained for plant extract treated groups were compared with cyclophosphamide (immunosuppressant) treated and levamisole (immunostimulant) treated mice. From the data of the results obtained it could be concluded that selected parts of Terminalia catappa have immune stimulatory as well as anti-inflammatory properties, thereby proving their efficacy as true immunomodulators. Among the parts selected, fruits exhibited significant immunomodulatory potential followed by bark and wood.

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