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Enhanced Brain Uptake Of Rifampicin From W/O/W Multiple Emulsions Via Nasal Route

Author(s): A. J Khopade, K. R Mahadik, N. K Jain

Multiple emulsions with oily liquid membrane containing rifampicin were prepared and characterized for droplet size, encapsulation efficiency, in vitro drug release, and pharmacodynamic properties. A comparative in vivo study from oral and nasal routes was made with a special reference to brain uptake. Results showed - i) average drop size as 32.4mm; ii) a very high encapsulation efficiency; iii) prolonged drug release in vitro; iv) prolonged brain and plasma levels as compared to the control plain drug from both routes, and v) substantial accumulation of drug in brain when administered through multiple emulsion via nasal route compared to plain drug.


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