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Enhanced Transdermal Delivery Of Terbutaline Sulphate In Vitro Using Non-Ionic Surfactants

Author(s): D Rejendran, G. L Prabushankar, S. A Dhanaraj, Rajeev Dube, B Suresh

Feasibility studies were carried out to develop a transdermal delivery system for terbutaline sulphate. Eight non-ionic surfactants were used as permeation enhancers. The flux of terbutalline sulphate from transdermal patches containing any of the selected non-ionic surfactants or without surfactants were determined using Keshary-Chein cell. Among the Spans used, Span 80 produced the highest permeation of the drug. Of the Tweens used, Tween 80 produced the highest permeation of the drug. Adequate levels of transdermal permeation were observed.


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