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Establishment of Quality Standards of Abrus precatorius Linn. Seeds

Author(s): S. Tabasum*, S. Khare1 and K. Jain
Department of Botany, Government Science And Commerce College, Bhopal-462 008, 1Department of Botany, Govt. Girls MLB College, Bhopal-462 001, India

Correspondence Address:
Department of Botany, Government Science And Commerce College, Bhopal-462 008, India, E- mail:

Standardization of herbal formulations is an important aspect while considering the quality of the herbal drug, consistency in active principle content and therapeutic efficacy. The seeds of Abrus precatorius Linnaeus, a well-established medicinal plant belonging to the family Fabaceae is commonly known as Gunja or Rati. In view of its medicinal importance the present study was conducted to standardize the crude drug according to the standard laboratory methods and to define pharmacopoeial standards for the seeds of this species. Qualitative phytochemical analysis and physiochemical studies of the powdered drug using various methods including organoleptic analysis, ash value, extractive value, thin-layer chromatography, loss on drying, and fluorescence analysis were performed to establish quality standards of the herb, which would help in identification as well as develop quality assurance parameters for herbal formulations containing this herbal product as an active component.

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