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Evaluation of Crude and Modified Cordia myxa Gum for its Nutraceutical Benefits

Author(s): M. F. Tahir, G. Mustafa, Fozia Anjum, M. A. Iqbal, Javaria Altaf and Shazia Anwer Bukhari*
Department of Biochemistry, 1Department of Chemistry, Government College University, 2Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, 3Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan

Correspondence Address:
Shazia Anwer Bukhari, Department of Biochemistry, Government College University Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan, E-mail:

Plants are a rich source of safe and valuable bioactive compounds and since ancient times they have been used as medicines. Medicinal herbs are used as traditional means of treating many human diseases in many parts of the world. In current study, the green synthesis pathway was investigated for modification, reducing and crown potential of Cordia myxa gum for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles. The seeding process and the synthesis of silver nanoparticles were tracked by taking ultraviolet/visible absorption spectra during the reaction. Nutritional as well as medicinal potential of raw and modified gums were analyzed. Synthesized spherical nanoparticles were up to 65 nm in size. The ultraviolet/visible spectroscopic results revealed an intense peak at 428 nm together with other small peaks in the region of 390-450 nm due to the presence of nanoparticles of polydispersed silver. The purified gum showed the highest phenolic contents (i.e. 14.71±0.04 mg) and percentage scavenging activity (i.e. 87.92±2.25). The maximum bactericidal activity was showed by nanoformulated gum against Escherichia coli with inhibition zone of 42 mm while minimum was found to be against Staphylococcus aureus with inhibition zone of 14 mm. Nano formulated gum samples also exhibited optimal fungicidal effects against Fusarium solani with inhibition zone of 11.09 mm and Aspergillus niger with inhibition zone of 15.53 mm. The results of current study portrayed that modifications in Cordia myxa gum would be beneficial to food products as an additive.

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