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Evaluation Of Hepatoprotective Activity Of The Stem Bark Of Disopyros Cordifolia Roxb.

Author(s): V Krishna, K. L Mankani, C Shanthamma

Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous and petroleum ether (40-60°) extracts of stem bark of Diospyros cordifolia were screened on male Wistar rats against carbon tetrachloride-induced toxic hepatitis. Significant hepatoprotective activity was observed in the petroleum ether extract-treated animals. Biochemical tests representative of liver function such as serum total bilirubin, serum alanine aminotransaminase, aspartate aminotransaminase and alkaline phosphatase activities indicated hepatoprotective activity of the stem bark extracts. Histopathological studies revealed that hepatic lesions occurred In the carbon tetrachloride-treated group, which were reduced significantly by the stem bark extract treatment.


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