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Evaluation of release retarding property of gum damar and gum copal in combination with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Author(s): VM Fulbandhe, CR Jobanputra, KJ Wadher, MJ Umekar, GS Bhoyar

The formulations consisting of a hydrophilic and hydrophobic material were investigated for effect on drugâ??release pattern from the matrices. Gum damar and gum copal being waterâ??insoluble were used to study the efficiency of combined matrices to sustain the release of drug. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose K100M and diclofenac sodium were used as the hydrophilic material and model drug, respectively. The influence of concentration of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose on drug release pattern of hydrophobic material was determined. The optimum ratio of drug: polymer was found to be 1:1. The hydrophobic:hydrophilic polymer ratio of 75:25 was found to have a similar release pattern as that of marketed formulation. At this ratio, the initial burstâ??release that occurred in individual hydrophobic matrices was lowered to a great extent. The release of drug was found to follow Higuchi’s equation as the concentration of hydrophobic material was increased. The formulations were compared with marketed formulation Voveran SR, and a correlation was drawn accordingly.

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