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Evaluation Of Spherical Crystallization As A Particle Size Enlargement Technique For Aspirin

Author(s): M. C Deshpande, K. R Mahadik, A. P Pawar, A. R Paradkar

Spherical crystallization of asprin by solvent change methods was carried out in a crystallization system composed of acid buffer (pH 2.5), methanol and chloroform. The agglomerates contained salicylic acid less than the I.P. limits prescribed. Agglomeration process significantly improved the flow properties of the drug. The agglomerates were characterized by Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray dif-fractometry, DSC and IR. The agglomerates obtained had irregular edges consisting of tightly packed lathe type crystals with broken edges. The agglomerates have lower crystallinity as compared to powder but no change was observed in the crystal form.


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