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Evaluation Of Tableting Properties Of Agglomerates Obtained By Spherical Crystallisation Of Trimethoprim

Author(s): P. H Pawar, A. P Pawar, K. R Mahadik, A. R Paradkar

Trimethoprim (TMP) crystals exhibit poor flow properties, compressibility as well as slower dissolution rates. Spherical agglomerates (SA) of TMP were prepared by simple spherical crystallisation process. The crystallisation system consisted of water-methanol-chroform with PEG (SA-I) and PEG-PVP (SA-II). Agglomerates were characterised using TLC, XRD, IR and evaluated for micromeritic, mechanical, compressional, wetting and dissolution behaviour. SA-II has shown reduction in crystallinity and high 'a' and low 'b' values of Kawakita constants. Change in friability index was lowest for SA-I. But SA-I and SA-II both have very low crushing strength. TMP showed poor compressibility. SA-I exhibited lower Py value and contact angle compared with SA-II, Cumulative release was higher from SA-II but D5 min for SA-I is significantly higher than SA-II.


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