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Evaluation of the Effect of Pre-Job Training on New Pediatric Nurses Based on Onion Model

Author(s): Qin Zeng, Shaoyu Su*, Hongyu Huang, Yao Gu, Xiujuan Zhang
1Pediatric nursing unit of West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University; 2Key Laboratory of birth defects and related maternal and child diseases, Ministry of education, West China School of nursing, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Correspondence Address:
Shaoyu Su, Pediatric nursing unit of West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

To determine the effect of pre job training on onion model among new pediatric nurses. One hundred and seventeen pediatric nurses that commenced work on July 1, 2019 after 2 w of conventional training and 94 nurses that received the onion mode of training for 2 w before July 1, 2020 were recruited as the control and experimental groups respectively. The theoretical, practical and training quality scores of the new nurses were compared. The experimental group had significantly higher theoretical score (78.53±4.96 vs 69.27±11.38), Cardiopulmonary resuscitation score (92.39±4.06 vs 91.38±3.12), intradermal injection score (94.97±3.16 vs 92.35±3.96) and training quality evaluation score (99.07±4.5 vs 97.27±7.51) compared to that of the control group (p<0.05 for all). The onion training model can improve the theoretical and practical skills of new nurses and the quality of pre-job training.

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