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Evaluation of Wound Healing Potential of Topical Formulation of Leaf Juice of Tridax Procumbens L. in Mice

Author(s): B Yaduvanshi, Rajani Mathur, SR Mathur, T Velpandian

Tridax procumbens L. (Compositae) is a common weed that grows in the rice fields of India. Traditionally the juice from leaves of Tridax procumbens has been used for healing dermal wound. However, in experimental studies, equivocal pro and anti-healing action of T. procumbens has been demonstrated. The present study evaluates the effect of topical ointment formulation of the leaf juice of T. procumbens using excision wound model in mice. Excision wounds (4 mm, i.d.) were inflicted on depilated back of mice. Ointment formulation of TP (50 mg of either 1 or 4 mg/g) was applied twice daily for 4 days on the dermal wound. Similarly, control group was treated with VEGF ointment (50 mg of 1 μg/g). The parameters observed were re-epithelization, vascularity, fibroblast number, collagen content. The healing exerted by TP (1 mg/g) was comparable to VEGF (1 μg/g). On the other hand, TP (4 mg/g) induced inflammation, edematous tissue and decreased vascularity. Taken together, the results imply that TP possesses dose dependent pro-healing potential, and its high dose exerts inflammatory reaction.

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