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Floating Flap : A Sustained Release Polymeric Device For The Delivery Of Albendazole And Closantel For Veterinary Use

Author(s): S. K Jain, G. P Agrawal

Floating flaps containing albendazole and closantel were prepared by casting technique, employing Poly (dl-lactide-co-glycolide, 75:25), Eudragit RL100, and Eudragit RS100, along with polyethylene glycol 400 as plasticizer. These flaps were evaluated for tensile strength, thickness, percent moisture absorption, water vapor transmission, density, drug content, and in vitro buoyancy test. The release rate was determined in phosphate buffer saline (pH 6.4) and diluted natural ruminal fluid. The floating flaps showed a near zero order release profile for 60 d and were stable over the period. The in vivo anthelmintic activity of the flaps was evaluated using eggs per gram method in adult calves. The floating flap containing albendazole and closantel provided protection against all types of parasitic infections for about 3 mo.


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