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Formulation and Evaluation of Long Circulating Liposomal Amphotericin B: A Scinti-kinetic Study using 99mTc in BALB/C Mice

Author(s): MP Jadhav, Mangal S Nagarsenker, RV Gaikwad, A Samad, Nilima A Kshirsagar

In the present study, we formulated long circulating liposomes for amphotericin B and characterized them. The formulation was optimized using 23 factorial designs. Pegylated liposomal formulation showed favorable results with reference to particle size (247.33±9.60 nm), percent entrapment efficiency (94.55±3.34%). TEM studies revealed that the liposomes were essentially spherical, hollow, and appeared like powder puff structures. From DSC study it was concluded that the pegylated formulation containing Amp B showed better stability and membrane integrity of the formulation. During the stability studies the formulation was found to be stable. When subjected to gamma scintigraphy kinetic tracer studies the formulation showed longer residence time in the blood in BALB/C mice.

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