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Formulation and Evaluation Of Nimesulide Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems

Author(s): S Pandey, S H Praveen, N Udupa

Different transdermal nimesulide gels were prepared using various gel bases, with an objective to formulate suitable transdermal formulation of nimesulide. The polymers selected were sodium alginate, HPMC, NA CMC and methyl cellulose. In vitro release studies of the prepared formulation were performed using dialysis membrane and results indicated that sodium alginate gel showed better release. In vivo antiinflammatory activity was studied in carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema and analgesic activity was studied in acetic acid-induced writhes in rats. Among the prepared formulations, sodium alginate gel showed better antiinflammatory and analgesic activity. Sodium alginate gel found to be more stable when stability study was performed. Sodium alginate gel containing nimesulide was found to be better in all aspects compared to other gel formulations and this was comparable to the marketed gel.


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