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Formulation And Physico-Chemical Evaluation Of Polystryrene Nanoparticles Containing Cefotaxime Sodium

Author(s): S Sathesh Kumar, T. N. K Suriyaprakash, R Ravi, R Bino Kingsley, A Kottaimuthu, G Deepa, R Indranidhi, P. T Manju, S Rajkumar

Polystyrene nanoparticles containing cefotaxime were prepared by emulsion polymerization in continuous aqueous phase. Scanning electron microphotograph showed that the morphological structures of the nanoparticles are discrete, spherical and uniform in size. The drug content in the polystyrene nanoparticles were considerably increased proportionately with increasing polymer concentration. The infrared spectroscopic analysis revealed that there was no significant chemical interaction between the polymer and the drug. The in vitro release studies carried out across the artificial membrane indicated that the release of the drug from the nanoparticles followed zero order kinetics.


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