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Formulation Development Studies Of Rofecoxib

Author(s): Swati Rawat, Laila F Asgar, S.K Jain

The present paper, attempts at highlighting, the need for proper preformulation study leading to good formulation development of poorly water-soluble drugs, such as rofecoxib. However, this drug shows poor water solubility resulting in problems such as difficulty in formulation and poor release in gastric media. A study was conducted on five marketed formulations of rofecoxib to estimate their dissolution characteristics and these were compared with two laboratory made test formulations. The dissolution medium was also optimized for the study. It was found that the marketed preparations selected for study showed poor drug release characteristics as compared to the laboratory-made formulations. Therefore, it was concluded that with proper design and approach, good formulations of rofecoxib could be developed which can give satisfactory in vitro and in vivo performance.


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