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Formulation Of Taste Masked Oral Suspension Of Quinine Sulphate By Complexation

Author(s): C. G Geetha Rao, A. V Motiwale, D Satyanarayana, E. V. S Subrahmanyam

Quinine sulphate is an antimalarial drug and is very much effective against resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum, where other antimalarials like chloroquine, sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine are ineffective. But, it is a very bitter drug and taste should be masked to formulate it in a palatable form. So in the work undertaken, an attempt was made to mask the taste, by complexation technique using ion-exchange resins and to formulate into a suspension. The products were evaluated for bitterness, drug content, particle size, viscosity, sedimentation time and volume, redispersibility and drug release and also subjected to stability studies. Of the different resins, lndion 234 was found to be the most suitable one. The release studies showed complete drug release within 20 min. Stability studies indicated no appreciable changes in the above mentioned parameters for 3 months.


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