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Fruit Flavonoids And Cardiovascular Health

Author(s): S Chakkaravarthi, D Philomina, P Bharathi

Fruits and vegetables have been used as medicinal agents because of their health promoting properties attributed by different compounds, which primarily includes flavonoids. Flavonoids, the secondary polyphenols have been suggested to prevent atherosclerosis by its antioxidant property. Oxidation of low density lipoprotein may play a significant role in atherosclerosis. Various flavoniods in different fruits such as catechin, myricetin and quercetin (grapes); tannins and anthocyanins (pomegranate); quercetin, catechin and phyloridizin (apple); hesperedin and naringenin (citrus fruits); myricetin and kampferol (berries) are considered as potent antioxidants of low density lipoprotein. The status of antioxidants in such fruits is reviewed in detail.


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