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FTIR-Spectrum Of Galactomannan Extracted From Trigonella Foenum - Graceum

Author(s): R Issarani, B. P Nagori

Guar is used in millions of tones annually by various industries and is employed medicinally as well. The galactomannan portion of the guar seed is found to be active and responsible for its numerous industrial and medicinal applications. Guar galactomannan has a galactose-mannose ratio (G:M) of 1:2 and possesses a very high viscosity. The objective of this study was to explore some other source of galactomannan having different G:M ratio and to study its effect on medicinal applications. Fenugreek is one such promising source that offers a galactomannan having a G:M ratio of 1:1 The extracted galactomannan from fenugreek was compared with guar galactomannan on the basis of FTIR-spectra. The peaks and their accompanying shoulders, in the FTIR-spectra of the two compounds, were found to overlap closely.


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