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Genomic DNA Methylation of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Applied in Early Screening of Tumour

Author(s): X. Luo, M. Tang* and Q. Hu1
Medical College, Hunan Polytechnic of Environment and Biology, Hengyang City, 421005, 1Cardiothoracic Surgery, Second Affiliated Hospital of University of South China, 35 Jiefang Avenue, Hengyang 421000, China

Correspondence Address:
Medical College, Hunan Polytechnic of Environment and Biology, Hengyang City, 421005, China, E-mail:

In order to study the application of genomic DNA methylation in non-small cell lung cancer in early screening of tumour, one human normal bronchial epithelial cell line and two non-small cell lung cancer cell lines, 95C and 95D were selected as experimental subjects. The cell lines were cultured, RNA was extracted and DNA methylation analysis was performed using the real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction and plasmid DNA extraction. It was found that in the analysis of RNF111 mRNA expression, the mRNA expression levels of RNF111 gene in the 3 cell lines were significantly different and the difference between 95C and 95D was more prominent (p<0.01). Analysis of DNA methylation in the proximal promoter region of RNF111 gene indicated that the frequency of Cp G site methylation in the positions of -309, -109 and +3 in 95C and 95D cell lines had significant difference (p<0.01). These results indicated that the methylation status of this site of RNF111 gene can be specifically targeted or changed, which is beneficial to the development of drugs for lung cancer and to stop lung cancer metastasis process. Although there were some shortcomings in the experimental process, it still provided a reference for the clinical treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.

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