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Haematinic evaluation of Lauha bhasma and Mandura bhasma on HgCl 2 -induced anemia in rats

Author(s): PK Sarkar1, PK Prajapati1, AK Choudhary1, VJ Shukla2, B Ravishankar2
1 Department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, Gujarat Ayurved University, India 2 Pharmacology Laboratory, Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research, Gujarat Ayurved University, India

The present study was carried out to evaluate the haematinic effect of two ayurvedic preparations of iron on mercuric chloride-induced anemia in rats. Lauha bhasma and Mandura bhasma, two well-known ayurvedic iron preparations, are commonly used to treat anemia. In Charles Foster strain rats of either sex, anemia was induced by administering mercuric chloride (9 mg/kg). Lauha bhasma and Mandura bhasma (11 mg/kg) were evaluated for their haematinic activity. The observed results suggest that Lauha bhasma and Mandura bhasma possess significant (P<0.05) haematinic and cytoprotective activity.

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