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HPTLC Standardization Of Gymnema Sylvestre R. Br. Using Gymnestrogenin As Reference

Author(s): V Puratchimani, S Jha

A simple and reproducible high performance thin layer chromatography method for the determination of gymnestrogenin in Gymnema sylvestre was developed and is described. This method involves separation of compounds by TLC on pre-coated silica gel 60F 254 plates with a solvent system of chloroform: methanol (9:1) and scanned using densitometric scanner in UV reflectance photomode at 293 nm. The linearity was observed in the range of 4 to 10 μg. The gymnestrogenin content of 1.11 % w/w was observed in test sample. The average percentage recovery value of 99.1±0.27 was obtained. The proposed method being precise and sensitive can be used for detection, monitoring and quantification of gymnestrogenin in Gymnema sylvestre.


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