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Implication of enterohepatic re-circulation on single dose bioequivalence evaluation of two brands of clonidine hydrochloride tablets in healthy human volunteers

Author(s): HR Mehta1, IK Patel2, NH Patel2, DM Patel3, AB Parmar3
1 Clinical Research Group, Torrent Research Centre, Gandhinagar-382 424, India 2 Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetic Unit, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Dholka-387 810, India 3 Department of Pharmacology, S. K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mehsana-382 711, India

Correspondence Address:
H R Mehta Clinical Research Group, Torrent Research Centre, Gandhinagar-382 424 India [email protected]

A single dose, crossover bioequivalence study of two different brands of clonidine hydrochloride 25 μg tablets was conducted in 24 (+2 stand by) healthy, adult, male, Indian subjects under fasting conditions to check the implication of enterohepatic re-circulation on assessment of bioequivalence. After an overnight fasting of at least 10 h, the subjects received single oral dose of test or reference product with either of the product as per randomization schedule in each period with a washout period of 10 days. The pre-dose blood sample was collected within a period of one h before dosing. The post-dose blood samples were collected at specified time intervals up to 96 h. The plasma concentrations of clonidine were quantified by validated LCMS/MS method and pharmacokinetic parameters were computed. The 90% confidence intervals of test/reference ratios for C max and area under the plasma-concentration- time-curve AUC under 0-t were found to be between 0.80 and 1.25 for log-transformed data. Analysis of variance did not show significant difference to these parameters. No meaningful values of K el and therefore AUC under 0-infinity could be calculated for significant number of subjects due to enterohepatic re-circulation. Based on the results obtained, two different brands of clonidine 25 μg tablets have comparable rate and extent of absorption after oral administration but failed to show bioequivalence as per regulatory requirement of Food and Drugs Administration-united states.

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