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In Vitro Absorption Studies Of Ibuprofen With Cholic And Deoxycholic Acid Conjugates

Author(s): K. K Vishwakarma, D. V Kohli, R. K Uppadhyay

Cholic acid and deoxycholic acid were conjugated with glutamic acid to prepare N-[3α, 7 α, 12α trihydroxy 24 -oxocholan - 24 yl] glutamic acid and N-[3α, 12α - dihydroxy - 24 oxocholan-24 -yl] glutamic acid. Deoxycholic acid was conjugated with α - alanine to prepare N-[3α, 12α -dihydroxy 24-oxocholan-24-yl] α - alanine. The sodium salt of cholic acid and deoxycholic acid conjugates were then prepared and evaluated for surface activity and emulsifying properties. The effect of these compounds on in vitro absorption of ibuprofen was also investigated. All the biosurfactants were found to enhance in vitro absorption of ibuprofen.


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