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In Vivo Antisnake Venom Activity Of A Furanoid Diterpene From Aristolochia Albida Duch (Aristolochiaceae)

Author(s): A. K Haruna, M. K Choudhury

The antisnsake venom activity of a furanoid diterpene lactone isolated from the rhizome of Aristolochia albida (Family : Aristolochiaceae) was evaluated. The Whole animal (in vivo) studies were conducted using the mortality of male Swiss albino mice after intra-peritoneal (i.p.) injection of lethal doses (LD100), 8.75 mg/kg and 4.20 mg/kg of venoms of Naja nigricollis (spitting cobra) and Bitis arietans (puff-adder) respectively. The deterpene was found to significantly reduce the toxic symptoms and protect the mice against the lethal doses of these two snake species common found in Northern Nigeria. However, the compound is more effective against the venom of N.nigricollis (ED50=45 mg/kg) than that of B.arietans (ED50=74 mg/kg).


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