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Induction Of Carbonic Anhydrase By Cuscuta Reflexa Stem And Corchorus Olitorius Seed In Mice

Author(s): U.K Mazumder, Malaya Gupta, D.K Pal, S Bhattacharya

The effects of multiple intraperitoneal doses of methanolic extract of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. stem and Corchorus olitorius Linn. seed on the activity of carbonic anhydrase in the uterus of micewere studied. These methanolic extracts caused a significant increase in the carbonic anhydrase activity in the uterus of mice. The increased rate of enzymatic activity might be associated with elevated level of progesterone induced by these methanolic extracts. This further establishes the antifertility nature of methanol extract of C. reflexa stem and C. olitorius seed.


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