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Influence Of Light On Growth And Production Of Steroids And Glycoalkaloids In Solanum Species In Vivo And In Vitro

Author(s): S. C Jain, S. L Sahoo, R Vijayvergia

The effect of light of different spectral region (blue green, yello and red) was studied on the growth and production of steroids and glycoalkaloids in vivo and in vitro of Solanum jasminoides and in vitro only in the S. Verbascifolium, grown on RT medium. Higher growth as also the maximum growth index of callus was observed in S. jasminoides (7.82; control 6.51) and S. verbascifolium (6.75; control 6.21) grown under the light of blue spectral region accompanied with the enhanced levels of various metabolites in both plant species.


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