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Interchangeability Evaluation of Multisource Ibuprofen Drug Products Using Biowaiver Procedure

Author(s): IE Shohin, JI Kulinich, GF Vasilenko, GV Ramenskaya

The WHO biowaiver procedure for BCS Class II weak acids was evaluated by running two multisource IR ibuprofen drug products (Ibuprofen, 200 mg tablets, Tatchempharmpreparaty, Russia and Ibuprofen, 200 mg tablets, Biosintez, Russia) with current Marketing Authorizations (i.e. in vivo bioequivalent) through that procedure. Risks associated with excipients interaction and therapeutic index were considered to be not critical. In vitro dissolution kinetic studies were carried out according WHO Guidance (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 937, Annexes 7 and 8) using USP Apparatus II (paddle method) at 75 rpm. Dissolution profiles of test and reference ibuprofen tablets were considered equivalent in pH 4.5 using factors f1 (13) and f2 (72) and not equivalent in pH 6.8 (factor f1 was 26 and f2 was 24). Drug release of ibuprofen at pH 1.2 was negligible due to its weak acid properties. Therefore, two in vivo bioequivalent tablets were declared bioinequivalent by this procedure, indicating that procedure seems to be over-discriminatory.

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