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Intestinal Permeation Mediated Absorption Interactions Between Atenolol And Furosemide

Author(s): C Issa, P Gupta, A.K Bansal

Peroral multi-drug administration is often associated with severe drug-drug interactions. These interactions can occur either in the gut lumen, at absorptive site or after absorption. Present work was undertaken to study the interaction between atenolol and furosemide at the absorption site. Alteration in the intestinal permeability was studied using rat single-pass intestinal perfusion technique, to assess the changes on administration of single and combination drugs. Permeability coefficient (Peff) of atenolol reduced to a statistically significant level (P<0.05) when co-perused with furosemide, with Peff, values (X10-4 cm/sec) of 0.0686±0.0433 and 0.01 54±0.0326 for drug perfused individually and in combination, respectively, indicating the possibility of drug-drug interaction occurring at the absorption site.


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