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Isolation And In Vitro Biological Activities Of A Rare Triterpenoid From The Roots Of Trewia Polycarpa

Author(s): D Chamundeeswari, E Sukumar, J Vasantha, S Gopalakrishnan, B Barik, A Patra

The n-hexane soluble fraction of the ethanolic extract of the roots of the plant Trewia polycarpa yielded a rare triterpenoid of taraxarane series, 3β-acetoxytaraxaren-14-en-28-oic acid (I) whose identity has been confirmed by spectroscopic studies. This is the second report on the isolation of I from nature and first from the genus Trewia. Compound I exhibited prolongation of prothrombin time and also showed mild antibacterial and antifungal activities.


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