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Liposome entrapped 99m tc-glucoheptonate for liver scintigraphy.

Author(s): M Jaggi, RK Khar
Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi-110 062,

Correspondence Address:
M Jaggi Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi-110 062

Liposomes were prepared by detergent dialysis method and 99m TCGHA, a radiopharmaceutical of choice for kidney imaging was entrapped in SUVs of different surface charges. The organ specificity of the agent with and without encapsulation in lipsomes was studied in experimental animals. Results obtained show that 99m TC-GHA entrapped SUV can be targetted to liver. These results were corroborated by scintigraphy studies. The effect of entrapping the agent in SUV on its half-life is discussed.


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