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Mannich Reaction Products Of 5-Arylidene-2-Phenylimino-4-Thiazolidinones As Anticonvulsants

Author(s): D. R Gahane, K. D Khapekar, V. C Sharma, N. J Gaikwad

The 4-thiazolidinone is choosen as a lead molecule as its structure has the common denominator present in majority of the anticonvulsants. Molecular modifications at 2-and 5-positions are made in order to increase the lipophilicity.The dialkylaminoalkyl group (pharmacophore) present in a number of commonly used drugs, is introduced at 3.position by Mannich reaction to enhance the anticonvulsant activity and to reduce toxicity. Based on these observations, a series of twenty five 3- (dialkylaminomethyl)-5-arylidene-2-phenyimino-4 thiazolidinones have been synthesized and evaluated for anticonvulsant activity and preliminary toxicity. Some compounds have displayed significant anticonvulsant activity with out much toxicity.


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