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Melt Extrusion Bioadhesive Drug Delivery : A Care Of Diclofenac Contained In Carbopol 940 Matrices

Author(s): A. A Attama, Petra O Nnamani
Correspondence Address:
A. A Attama

Carbopol 940 and theobroma oil were used to formulate melt extrusion bioadhesive tablets of diclofenac. Different batches of the tablets were formulated using different quantities of Carbopol 940 granules containing diclofenac and theobroma oil in a plastic mould by pour moulding. The bioadhesion of the tablets were measured by determining the bioadhesive strength generated when the tablet interacted with the mucus on everted hog jejunum on a tensiometer adapted for that purpose. The tablets were evaluated using weight uniformity, resistance to rupture and liquefaction time. Release of diclofenac from the tablets was studied in simulated intestinal fluid (Ph 7.2) without pancreatin. The tablets had low liquefaction times and were highly bioadhesive. Result of the study indicated that theobroma oil could be used to formulate melt extrusion bioadhesive tablets of diclofenac. All the tablets evaluated conformed to pharmacopoeial specifications.


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