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Meta-Analysis on Clinical Outcomes of Paclitaxel-Coated Balloon Angioplasty in Femoral Popliteal Artery Occlusion

Author(s): Kaifeng Tang, J. Ye, S. Mao, H. Wang and Yuanyuan Chen*
Department of Vascular Surgery, Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310030, China

Correspondence Address:
Yuanyuan Chen, Department of Vascular Surgery, Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310030, China, E-mail:

We attempt to systematically evaluate the clinical effects of different doses of paclitaxel-coated balloon angioplasty in the treatment of femoral popliteal artery occlusion. Using a networked computer, conducting keywords researches including paclitaxel-coated balloon angioplasty and randomized controlled trial for femoral popliteal artery occlusions by the Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure, Wan Fang Data, China Biology Medicine disc, PubMed and the Cochrane Library, and the search period was up to 31 December 2022. The literature was screened according to inclusion and exclusion criteria, and data from the literature were extracted for meta-analysis to investigate the clinical effects of different doses of paclitaxel-coated balloon. This study included 9 research papers involving 1461 patients, and the baseline information was comparable between all patient groups (p>0.05). The standard dose as well as the low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon had a smaller rate of (late lumen loss), >50 % restenosis, and target lesion revascularization than the uncoated balloon at 6 mo postoperatively. The rate of >50 % restenosis and target lesion revascularization after standard-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon was smaller than that of low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon (p<0.05). No statistical difference was found between standard-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon and low-dose paclitaxelcoated balloon in terms of late lumen loss, amputation rate and mortality at 6 mo postoperatively (p>0.05). For the treatment of patients with femoral popliteal artery occlusions, treatment with paclitaxel-coated balloon is superior to uncoated balloon. Compared with low-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon, the use of standard-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon further reduces the postoperative restenosis rate by 50 % and reduces target lesion revascularization, and standard-dose paclitaxel-coated balloon has better clinical results.

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